Frequently Asked Questions

I have a transfer organized with you. How will I recognize the driver?

The driver will be waiting for you at arrivals, just after you have collected your bags. He will have a sign with “Hideaway Hotel” and your name on it.

What is the best time to visit Kaş?

May and June is a great time to visit Kaş, the weather is nice, and Kaş won’t be as crowded as in July, August and September. It won’ t be as hot as well.
Beware though that the pool and sea temperature can still be a bit chilly early in the season.
Late September, October and early November are also very nice, the weather is still quite warm, the sea temperature is still warm but as winter is slowly coming, days are shorter.
For more information about the weather and sea temperature, please check these websites:

We plan to come to Kaş during Ramadan or religious festivals. Will it affect our holidays?

No, Tourism is the main industry in Kaş . Therefore, all restaurants, bars and shops will be open as usual.
If you come during the religious festivals (Turkey’s public holidays), Kaş might be a bit more crowded than usual as it is also very popular with local tourists. Accomodation prices will be higher but shops and restaurants will be open. Only banks and public institutions like the post office etc will be closed for those days.
Dolmuşes (minibuses) will run as usual.

We’re planning to do a boat tour while we’ll be in Kaş. Can you give us more information?

We can help you organize any type of boat tour (including the sunken city of Kekova) or any other excursion or day trip.
There is no need to book in advance. A phone call the day before will be enough notice in high season.
Early in the season or in late summer, travel agencies require a minimum of participants, so there is no guarantee that the trip can be organized on a particular day, though we will try our best to organize it.
Here is the typical itinerary for the boat tour to Kekova :

*Transportation from the hotel at 09:45 a.m.
*A short drive to Uçagiz village ( 45 min. )
*Board on the boat and start cruising
*Swim breaks in the turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean
*Explore the world famous Sunken City by glass bottom boat
*Lunch on the boat
*Visit Simena’s Crusader castle with dominant views of Kekova
*Return to Uçagiz village and drive back to Kas
Back at the hotel at about 18:00 or 18:30

Please note that all excursions require a whole day. There is no half-day tour.
Prices vary slightly every year .

What is the best way to reach your hotel from Antalya airport / Dalaman airport?

Using a car, Kaş is approximately 3 hours from Antalya and approximately 2 hours from Dalaman airport.
Obviously, the quickest and easiest way to reach Kaş is to have a private transfer organized.
Our hotel can organize it for you.
If you are more than 4 people, a minibus has to be arranged. Please contact us regarding prices.

By public transport from Antalya :
From Antalya airport, first you will have to take a public bus/tram from the airport to Antalya bus station (= otogar) It’s about 40 minutes (maybe more) all together.
Or you can take the Havaş bus (a private shuttle company but it is more expensive)
Or take a taxi from Antalya airport, directly to the bus station.
Once you are in Antalya bus station (otogar), take the dolmuş (minibus) to Kaş.
The dolmuş takes about 4 hours 15 minutes to Kaş.
Once at the bus station, you can walk to the hotel (about 10 minutes, see directions) or take a taxi.

From Dalaman a very good option is to have a shared shuttle bus organized. Cheaper than a private transfer and still taking you directly from the airport to Kas. But the shuttle service leaves at fixed time from Dalaman, departing according to the arrivals of domestic flights so you might have to wait at the airport for the next shuttle.
Please contact us for reservation.

I will arrive to Kaş by bus. How can I find your hotel from the bus station?

When you exit the bus station, go right and take the first street on your right after a “Bosch” shop; the street where a MIGROS supermarket is. Then, take the first street on your left, after HALK BANK.
Go straight to the end of the street ( you will see a lot of pensions on the left side of this street )
At the end of the street, turn right, just after the mosque.
Then, take the first street on the right ( or the second, it doesn’t matter ) and turn left.
Our hotel is located at the end of a dead end.

Does your hotel have its own beach?

We don’t have our own beach but the closest swimming platform (there are no real beaches in Kaş centre) is just 50 meters away from our hotel.

In Kaş, all swimming platforms are open to anyone . They provide sunbeds, umbrellas, changing rooms, showers and access to the water with a ladder. They are free but all of them ask you not to bring your own food and drinks and they expect you to have a drink / snack from their restaurants.

How far are you from the city centre?

Kaş is quite small so everything is within walking distance.
We are about 7 minutes walk to the city center, maybe a little bit more from the city center to the hotel as the hotel is up the hill. Have a look at the map on this website.

Do you have parking space?

You can park in the street in front of the hotel, it is a very safe neighborhood and of course, parking is free.
If there are no spaces left, our hotel is located at the end of a dead end street so you can park in the empty land at the end of the street.

Do you have a lift?

Yes, we do! This was our goal for the year 2018! We have listened to your requets and have added a lift to the building!