Hideaway is a comfortable, spacious located right beside Kaş Amphitheater with 20 rooms all with a balcony, a breathtaking view and of course with amazing selection of local food. A family establishment which you could pop by any time of the year.

The harbour, centrum and bus station is just 10 minutes by walk to the hotel. The sea is just across the road. When you wish to cool off, you could take a dip in the sea from our neighbour Leymona Beach or take the free shuttle to Büyükçakıl Beach after the breakfast to enjoy the sound of the waves, the sun and the turquoise waters. Our pool is at your service all through the day as well.

Hideaway family is happy to answer your questions about the region with their extensive experience. It is our pleasure to host you in open buffet breakfasts and dinners paired with delicious local wine. The olives harvested from our own orchards and cured carefully alongside with other organic products are definitely worth a try. In Hideaway’s kitchen, the methods are modern and the recipes are from grandmas.

Hideaway Hotel is run by a Turkish – Belgian couple, Ahmet and Marie.
Ahmet was born and raised in Kaş. He loves his country and his hometown and plans to continue to live in Kaş as long as he can !
Marie is from Wallonia region of Belgium. Her first trip to Turkey dates back to 2005.
Every year, we have many visitors asking what is my story and what brought me here.
Well, here it is :
Ahmet and I met in Kaş in 2005 when I was traveling through Turkey for the first time with my two friends. Back then, I was staying in a small pension run by Ahmet, which his parents established in the 1980’s when tourism started to develop in Kaş. He has been in the accomodation business since he was a child, helping his parents running their pension. Later on he purchased a building in the same neighborhood, and created the “Hideaway Hotel”.
As for me, after many trips between Belgium and Kaş, and later on between Kaş and Ankara where I worked as a French teacher, in June 2007 I decided to move into Kaş permanently where we started to run the business together.


As a couple, I think we bring great harmony and balance to the business. Ahmet is very knowledgeable about this area and loves to share his love for his hometown with other travelers. Being Turkish, he has this attitude of “nothing is impossible” and often surprises me arranging things that I thought were impossible to do just by making a couple of phone calls!

As a former teacher and employee, I tried to bring my organizational and interactive skills to the business. We both love traveling around the world in winter, and when we cannot travel because the hotel keeps us busy, we feel lucky to meet other travelers who want to share their stories and culture with us.

Of course we are fortunate to have the same staff working with us for several years now and they share our aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible.